About Us

In veterinary care there are specialists in different clinical areas, just as there are in human medicine and surgery.

For humans, their first port of call is often their GP; with small animals pet owners will establish a good relationship with their local veterinary practitioner who is qualified and experienced in dealing with the majority of common illnesses that your cat or dog may experience.
Sometimes however, the problem may need more specialist investigations or treatments – and just as a specialist at hospital may see the pet owner, Northwest Surgeons provides that highly experienced and qualified intervention for animals who may need surgical or medical care.

Our Specialists

All our veterinary practitioners – whether surgeons or medical specialists – have undergone rigorous training programmes beyond their time at University. All their training, research and residency programmes have been approved by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, the European College of Veterinary Surgeons or the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. You can find out more about our extensive team here

Our Nurses and Support Staff

The development of our nursing and care staff is encouraged through our commitment to continuous training, which enables them to actively support some surgical procedures and play a vital role in the rehabilitation of the pets in our care. All our nurses are qualified veterinary nurses, with many going on to achieve their Advanced Diploma.

With over 20 years’ combined experienced of nursing animals within teaching hospitals our team provide a gold standard of patient monitoring and attention to their comfort.

We also have a number of Animal Nursing Auxiliaries as part of our team, who support the nursing staff by providing your pet with feeding, cleanliness and TLC!

Our Facilities

Providing your pet with specialist veterinary knowledge and expertise is only half the story – you also want to feel confident that investigations and procedures are being carried out in the safest and most technologically advanced clinic available.

Our specialist imaging equipment includes an in-house MRI scanner, CT scanner, two X-ray suites, ultrasound scanning and a wide range of endoscopic imaging equipment. On the surgical side we have operating theatres which are positive pressure ventilated – this has a dramatic improvement on infection control. The latest monitoring and maintenance equipment in anaesthesia reduces risk to your pet and can also provide critical care in the immediate postoperative period.