Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

nurse anaesthesia


In anaesthesia and critical care, we combine supervision by European College of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia diplomates with full monitoring facilities, including arterial BP, ECG, capnography, gas analysis, SpO2 and core temperature at all anaesthesia stations. We can deliver IPPV to all sizes of patient and have extensive on site laboratory facilities. Each member of the clinical services team undergoes CPR training on an annual basis so we are fully prepared, whatever the emergency. Our anaesthetists provide pain management services for in patients as well as out patients in our Pain Management Clinic. There is always an anaesthetist on call 24 hours a day so if you pet requires the best in anaesthesia and intensive care, you can rely on us.

  • European and RCVS recognised specialist diploma holders
  • MRCVS Interns on site on a shift basis 24/7
  • Nurse technician anaesthetist (VTS anaesthesia)
  • All nursing staff are RVN or diplomate standard
  • Advanced imaging and a full range of endoscopic facilities
  • Seamless referral process
  • Rapid and comprehensive reporting back to you
  • Your clients and their pets in safe hands

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