Orthopaedic Surgery


In orthopaedic surgery we provide strength in depth, with full orthopaedic facilities, including joint replacement. We combine years of expertise with ECVS diplomate and RCVS recognised specialist standards.

  • European and RCVS recognised specialist diploma holders in all disciplines
  • MRCVS Interns on site on a shift basis 24/7
  • All nursing staff are RVN, LVN or diplomate standard
  • Advanced imaging and a full range of endoscopic facilities
  • Seamless referral process
  • Rapid and comprehensive reporting back to you
  • Your clients and their pets in safe hands

We want you to access reliable information on all aspects of what we do at Northwest Surgeons.

Each of the following blogs is written by one of our specialists so you can ensure that the information you are reading is of the highest quality.

Elbow dysplasia – why my dog?

Elbow dysplasia – treatment options

Dressings – the dos and dont’s

Infection control – our role as surgeons

Total hip replacement – the procedure

Total hip replacement – micro and nano systems